Natural Language Understanding Tools

Here are a few Natural Language Understanding (NLU) Tools. See also parsers, statistical classifiers, and machine learning toolkits which can be used for these purposes.

Name Language Cost License Overview
NPCEditor Groovy Free ICT Virtual Human Toolkit License Contains a classifier from inputs to outputs that can be used as NLU, NLG or "end to end" dialogue.
Rasa NLU Python Free Apache 2.0 An open source tool for intent classification and entity extraction. It is written in python and the intended audience is mainly people developing bots.
jmNL Java, XML Free Apache 2.0 A platform that provides several classifiers, e.g. opennlp, libsvm, mallet. Keyword and regular expression based named entity recognizers. Wikidata access for named entity recognizers and QA. OOV reduction using word2vec, and fst based NLU are also available. Several NLUs can be combined in different architectures, some hierarchies to pipelines to parallel with aggregators. It also integrates the clearnlp dependency parser.
Jerome C++ Free Mozilla public license A C++ library for language classification and dialogue scripting.