Dialogue Managers

A Dialogue Manager is a component of a dialog system, responsible for the state and flow of the conversation.


Name Language Cost License Overview
Jerome JavaScript, SCXML Free MPL Jerome provides SCXML and JavaScript based dialogue management scripting. Can be used as a data structure for utterances, and relevant meta-data.
jmNL Java Free Apache This project implements a framework to build the classic NL infrastructure needed by dialogue agents. It allows people to extend it by implementing their own external communication protocols, NLU, NLG, and DM modules. Provides two information based DMs: FLoReS and a SCXML based one.
Rasa Core Python Free Apache Rasa Core is an open source dialogue engine, taking in intents and deciding on a next action. It is written in python and the intended audience is mainly people developing bots. It is based on a probabilistic model rather than a dialogue state chart.
Nadia Java, XML Free Apache A set of components that deals with the creation of spoken dialogue systems. The software is Java-based and features an embedded Jetty web server. The dialogue description comes as XML and can be interpreted by the REST-based dialogue engine. The source code is available on Github
OpenDial Java Free MIT A Java-based, domain-independent toolkit for developing spoken dialogue systems. OpenDial was originally designed to perform dialogue management tasks, but it can also be used to build full-fledged dialogue systems, integrating e.g. speech recognition, language understanding, generation, speech synthesis, multimodal processing and situation awareness.