OpenEars (iOS)


OpenEars makes it simple for you to add offline speech recognition in many languages and synthesized speech/TTS to your iPhone app quickly and easily. It lets everyone get the great results of using advanced speech app interface concepts like statistical language models and finite state grammars, designed with OpenEars’ unique human-readable grammar specification language, but with no more effort than creating an NSArray or NSDictionary.

Because OpenEars is entirely offline, it doesn’t use the network or expose your users’ private speech to third party services, and there are no hidden costs or accounts to set up. If you have more specific app requirements, theOpenEars Plugin Platform lets you drag and drop advanced functionality into your app when you’re ready, like Rejecto’s out-of-vocabulary speech rejection or live processing of in-progress speech with RapidEars. OpenEars 2.5 is out now and supports offline speech recognition for seven languages, including Chinese!