Microsoft Speech Platform

Microsoft Speech Platform includes components for TTS (text to speech) and ASR (Automatic speech recognition). The platform support C# for windows applications, JavaScript for web applications, Java for android applications, and Objective-C for iOS applications. The platform also allows you to load an existing grammar or create your own using xml or the ISpGrammarBuilder interface.

Microsoft speech recognition API transcribes audio streams into text that your application can display to the user or act upon as command input. It provides two ways for developers to add Speech to their apps: REST APIs or Websocket-based client libraries. Text to Speech APIs use REST to convert structured text to an audio stream. The APIs provide fast text to speech conversion in various voices and languages. In addition users also have the ability to change audio characteristics like pronunciation, volume, pitch etc. using SSML

  • REST APIs: Developers can use HTTP calls from their apps to the service speech recognition.
  • Client libraries: For advanced features, developers can download Microsoft Speech client libraries, and link into their apps. The client libraries are available on various platforms (Windows, Android, iOS) using different languages (C#, Java, JavaScript, ObjectiveC). Unlike the REST APIs, the client libraries utilize Websocket-based procotol.
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